Motor Yachts

Boats called motor yachts generally refer to boats of length 40 feet and above. These boats can travel across continents, cross oceans, cruise rivers or be used on large lakes. These are boats in the range of 35-100 feet that can be used for sea fishing and trips with accommodation.

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Mega Yachts

With just three simple words, the benchmark of what the world's most discerning guests can expect from a luxury yacht charter changes forever. Take a look at our mega yachts now...

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Yacht for Events

Do you have an event to celebrate and want to impress your guests? We have the solution for you: charter a yacht and rely on our expertise for an evening party! Any reason is good for a celebration aboard an exceptional boat.

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Sea Taxi

It offers a practical and comfortable solution for short-distance public transportation in the densely populated Gulf cities. The Sea Taxi 35 watercraft provides a fast and safe cruise for passengers without traveling around the bay. It is also ideal for personal needs.

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